John Adam Jeweller is a jewellery studio and workshop in Melbourne that specialises in designing and making bespoke and handmade fine jewellery. We make engagement rings, wedding rings, and other pieces for special occasions. Our jewellery is renowned for its high quality, unique designs, and individuality. 

The studio and workshop at John Adam Jeweller seeks to work with our clients to create beautiful jewellery in addition to repairing existing jewellery.

At JAJ, you will be part of a truly unique experience.  Through consultations with our jewellery designers, you will have the rare opportunity to participate in the design of your special piece from beginning to end. Whether this is a special piece for yourself or a loved one, it will be created through a highly personalised process and with the utmost attention to detail. Each piece of jewellery we design and make is made with inspiration and love for the work we do and people we create jewellery for.